Dead Life #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on July 18, 2018

Writer: Gaudin
Artist: Urgell
Colorist: Folny
Publisher: Statix Press

Statix Press, an imprint of Titan Comics, were the ones who published the short series Under which I reviewed here and here. Those two issues were wonderful and I was surprised it didn’t get as much attention as I thought that it deserved.

This new series of theirs, Dead Life, is a zombie comic book series with plenty of blood to satisfy any zombie fan. Overall, this issue is a lot of fun but does have some minor problems, and those problems for me are in the dialogue. The book opens with a married couple arguing in the car. This argument feels really forced and awkward and is not very realistic. In its defense, however, Statix Press is an international imprint so the issues are translated from another language so that is probably the reason the dialogue feels clunky. This does not make the issue difficult to read and definitely doesn’t make it a bad comic book, but it did take me out of the experience for the first several pages.

Thankfully, this issue is filled with non stop violent action that you barely have to read any clunky dialogue after the opening scene. I know there are thousands of comic books about zombies and they all kind of stick to the same formula. Dead Life #1 is not different in that way but it still manages to be very exciting. 

To be frank, this issue has no character development or plot necessarily. This doesn’t bother me though because the entire book is action-packed enough that I just kept wanting to watch more zombies be killed. To add to that, the zombies are illustrated amazingly scary, mainly because of their large dark and empty eyes. The story may simply be a dad losing his family to zombies and then trying to navigate through the zombie apocalypse like every other zombie story, but the blood and the guts make it worth the read.  


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