Tank Girl: Full Color Classics: 1988 - 1989 Review

by Nathan Koffler on May 02, 2018

Covers & Art by Jamie Hewlett
Written, Designed, & Curated by Alan Martin
New Colors by Tracy Bailey
Published by Titan Comics

This collection of Tank Girl features several issues of the infamous Tank Girl comic series that was published in Deadline Magazine. In this collection however, we get these classics now in new full-color. Having heard of Tank Girl and seen her portrayed in art, I was excited that this was coming out so that I could experience her adventures. Fortunately for me, these adventures are much more than just that. The stories in this collection are amazingly bizarre the way adult indie comics out of the late 80’s and mid 90’s should be. 

Like I said, I’ve heard of Tank Girl and have seen her and always assumed she was this cool punk superhero crime-fighting woman. But wow, there is so much more and less to that assumption. Tank Girl does fight, but she’s not always fighting crime necessarily. And yes, she is really cool, but she is equally strange, if not more so. She is fearless, tough, crude, violent, and sexy all at the same time. 

This punk aesthetic that Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin created for this comic is amazing. The pages are loaded with weird things going on in every bit of space they can find. The artwork is busy and fun and it makes each scene both interesting and exciting. The new colors added to the issues in this collection by Tracy Bailey give it that 80’s and 90’s comic book look that I imagine it would have had during its initial run. One of the best things about collections is the bonus material, and this collection is full of really beautiful bonus artwork and several photos of the creators from back in the 80’s. 

This collection of classic issues of Tank Girl in full-color is definitely worth the money with enough pages of stories, artwork, and photos to fulfill old fans and create new ones. Experiencing these issues from the comic’s initial run has made me more of a fan of Tank Girl than I thought I was. It’s an entire book of bizarre and exciting comics with a fresh coat of beautiful colors.

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