Empowered and Sistah Spooky's High School Hell #4

by Nathan Koffler on April 19, 2018

Writer: Adam Warren
Artist: Carla Speed McNeil
Letterer: Carla Speed McNeil
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

This month’s issue of Empowered and Sistah Spooky’s High School Hell contains the most unsettling artwork of the series yet. I think I said that about one of the issues a couple of months ago, but forget that, Carla Speed McNeil has topped the weirdness with this issues’ artwork. 

Adam Warren is a great comic book writer because he is creative in a way that can sometimes make you say, “What the hell?” while reading. I loved this issue, mainly because of how strange the first battle was. Warren’s idea of a battle happening in the cafeteria is brilliant. Emp and Spooky have to fight blondes obsessively eating trash cans of food which fuels a huge horrifying food monster. Let that sentence sink in, and then appreciate that Adam Warren can write something like that and make it incredibly enjoyable. The second battle with the blondes who use their hair as weapons is absolutely great too. 

Like I said above, Carla Speed McNeil’s artwork is amazing in this issue. Her illustrations of the food monster are disgusting and scary and I love every bit of it. McNeil is a talented artist, and this is obvious by how Warren told her the idea for this first battle, and as strange and gross as it is, McNeil made is way more strange and way more gross with this very unpleasant and somehow beautiful artwork. 

Once again, Adam Warren has succeeded by making a very entertaining issue of a spin-off mini-series. That success is also extremely helped by Carla Speed McNeil’s ability to perfectly illustrate the fun stories Warren comes up with. The whole issue is a wild enjoyable ride that I absolutely loved. 

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