Adventure Time #74

by Nathan Koffler on March 08, 2018

Writer: Conor McCreery
Artist: Jorge Monlongo
Colorist: Maarta Laiho
Letters: Mike Fiorentino

In Adventure Time #74, we see the return of Magic Man, one of my favorite Adventure Time characters. Magic Man has stolen Jake’s ideas and sucks the color out of everything. Finn and Jake must come up with an original idea that is “inspiring” for Magic Man to put the color back.

This storyline is one of those premises in Adventure Time media that I love. It’s strange but not too much where it appears like they’re trying too hard. It’s an interesting idea that is really unique and can be put into a small story. Conor McCreery’s dialogue for Finn and Jake is natural for their characters and hilarious. The solution to the problem was either a little rushed or maybe not as exciting as I was expecting, but the story is still very fun.

The majority of this issue has no color, so there are pages and pages of black and white illustrated Adventure Time comic book panels. These pages look amazing because the lack of color provides so much extra detail. I spent several seconds on each page before reading the dialogue just scanning every bit of the art because you will miss a lot of funny and interesting things if you move past it too quickly.

The story is fresh, the dialogue is funny, the artwork is beautiful, and when there is color, the colors are amazing. This team took a fun idea and executed it really well. This comic is a enjoyable, easy read, and I’d recommend anyone to pick up a copy for a few minutes of adventure and some really neat artwork.

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