Cosmo #1

by Nathan Koffler on January 03, 2018

Writer: Ian Flynn
Artist: Tracy Yardley
Letterist: Jack Morelli
Colorist: Matt Herms
Publisher: Archie Comics

Cosmo is a new sci-fi comic book series published by Archie Comics featuring Cosmo, an alien who is leading a group of other aliens. The group seems to be adventuring around the universe and answering distress calls. On the way to answer one of those calls, they pick up a human who was floating around in a damaged spaceship.

This comic is very kid-friendly in regards to the artwork, characters, and dialogue, which is done really well. Cosmo is a fun leader who is smart, calm, and a nice guy. Even when a panicked human is loose in his ship, he does not panic himself, he leads the others to calmly find him and take care of him. He is a great new comic book character for children to enjoy.

There is lots of funny dialogue and really animated scenes that are intended to be make you laugh. They work enough that it definitely comes together to be a fun and entertaining read. Tracy Yardley’s artwork achieves amazing light-hearted, yet adventurous storytelling throughout the issue.

It will be fun to see what Archie Comics goes on to do with these new characters and if the audience will be loyal as the series goes on. I don’t know that any of the characters have potential to become an Archie Comics staple like many other beloved characters. Time will tell, but until then, Cosmo is a series to be aware of and to be read if you want some quick, delightful comic book reading.

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