Mickey and Donald Christmas Parade

by Nathan Koffler on December 28, 2017

Writers: Francisco Artibani, Lello Arena, Frank Jonker, Massimo Marconi
Artists: Silvio Camboni, Giovan Battista Carpi, Mau Heymans, Massimo De Vita, Al Taliaferro
Colorists: Disney Italia, Digikore Studios, Sanoma, Nicole and Travis Seitler
Letterer: Travis and Nicole Seitler, Al Taliaferro
Translation and Dialogue: Thad Komorowski, Joe Torcivia, Jonathan H. Gray, Jennifer Contino
Publisher: IDW

This Christmas themed one-shot is such a terrific read for the holiday season. It features five stories, four of them being stories that have never been published in the US until now. All five stories are so much fun to read and come together to create a nice long comic book reading experience.

The first story involves Bambina who is attempting to steal Uncle Scrooge’s dime with a secret spell put on Santa. It delivers lots of fun dialogue and silly twists and turns. The art has the classic Disney comic book style feel that you want. The second story has infamous villains The Beagle Boys out of Duckburg and now terrifying Mickey and Minnie. They kidnap Minnie and Mickey must save the day with Goofy at his side. The last three are shorter stories, with two of them being one-page comics.

Everything about this one-shot is perfect amazing and full of nostalgia. Disney comics are one of my favorite books to read and this one-shot easily is one of the best I’ve read. The stories are full of heart and adventure and displays my favorite Disney characters in a fun and classic style. I think all fans of the original Disney characters will love the 5 stories in this book and it will definitely help everyone who reads it feel entertained for a while during this holiday season. I’m not sure why it had a release date for after Christmas, but regardless, you should pick it up and read it and maybe it will help you relax after a busy Christmas.

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