Daredevil #600 Review

by Michael D on March 29, 2018

Writer: Charles Soule & Christos Gage
Artist: Ron Garney & Mike Perkins
Colorist: Matt Milla & Andy Troy
Publisher: Marvel

            Charles Soule and Ron Garney deliver a fantastic conclusion to the Mayor Fisk storyline. At the start of the storyline, I felt as though the arc had so much potential and was very excited. As the story unfolded, I felt as though it wasn’t really living up to that potential. It was good but the story telling possibilities were too great to just be good. Finally, with this issue, Soule and Garney kill it and the plot culminates into something that is both entirely unexpected and very exciting.

            The story jump right in from last month’s cliffhanger. Daredevil has assembled New Yorks street level heroes to finally put an end to Fisk’s status of mayor. You’d think it’d be really exciting but it that doesn’t live up to its promise. As the deputy mayor of New York, Matt has been eavesdropping on Fisk and knows of a major criminal underworld meeting happening. The plan is to listen in on the meeting, gather evidence against Fisk, and call the cops. Daredevil has brought all the heroes together to make sure that, when Fisk shows up and the cops show up, no one escapes. It’s a terribly uninteresting plan but thankfully, things don’t go according to plan. Garney goes crazy here and I love his sense of storytelling, it’s so smooth and coherent, even in a brawl jam-packed with characters.

            While Daredevil is dealing with Fisk, Blindspot is dealing with Muse. Oh boy, Muse.  Muse has become one of the best contributions to Daredevil’s rogues in recent memory. The Blindspot/Muse rematch has been a long time coming and it was worth the wait. While the other intense fight in this issue is carried by the strength of Soule’s writing, Garney does all the heavy lifting here. I don’t want to spoil anything too big in this review but the ending of this rematch was a big moment for Blindspot but a bit disappointing for Muse.  

            The other big fight this issue was the Fisk vs. Daredevil fight. Did you really think this storyline was going to culminate any other way? It’s brutal and intense. I also just want to say that Soule has a perfectly captured the voice of so many characters. He knows Daredevil just as well as any of the other famous writers to tackle the title. His Kingpin though? He writes him perfectly. He’s smart, cunning, and brutal. The end of that fight will surprise you and then the surprises just keep on pilling up. The surprises are handled very well and never feel forced.

            The issue is capped with a short back-up story giving us a history lesson of Daredevil from Foggy’s point of view. It’s nice enough and it’s great to see Perkins tackle some Daredevil. It’s your typical milestone back-up story.

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