Maestros #5 Review

by Michael D on February 21, 2018

Writer & Artist: Steve Skroce
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Publisher: Image Comics

            Skroce’s Maestros continues to be one of Image’s most fun books. This month in particular had some moments that made me legitimately laugh out loud. Besides the humor, the plot is moving along at a very fast pace. Last month, Will made his way into hell and this month, we meet Satan himself. It turns out that he’s actually not that bad a dude once you get to know him.

            Most of this issue is spent with Will trying his hand at playing politics with the king of the underworld. It seems simple, Will needs an army and the king has one. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. A long held grudge against maestros, plus the fact that he is essentially Satan prove a big obstacle. Will’s diplomacy works out in the end with a hilarious little callback to the first issue. They both come to see eye to eye and come to an agreement after realizing that they both hate Will’s dad. One thing worth mentioning is that the humor in this issue seemed a little more lowbrow than usual but if you’ve made it to issue five then you should probably already know what you’re in for.

           This issue doesn’t have a flashback sequence that we’ve seen in every other issue so far. Those sequences have done a great job of fleshing out the characters. As a result, this issue seems a little lighter in that aspect. Even the supporting cast is hardly seen this issue. This is all done in an effort to show more of the underworld, which thankfully, is really fun.

           The art continues to be fantastic. The sight gags and facial work really helps to sell the humor. The clean and detailed work we come to expect from Skroce is on full display here.

           Skroce ends the issue with a hell of a cliffhanger but with the magic we’ve seen Will capable of, it doesn’t seem like that high of stakes. This book has been a ton of fun and constantly keeps me on my toes. I can’t wait to see what crazy ending Skroce pulls off next month with the arc finale.

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