Maestros #4

by Michael D on January 24, 2018

Artist & Writer: Steve Skroce
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Publisher: Image Comics

            This series has been great and somehow Skroce still manages to surprise me with new parts of this world that are both clever and laugh out loud hilarious. The Underworld is introduced this issue and we finally get to see how Will and his mother got to where they were when we were first introduced to this series. Most of the issue takes place in the form of a flashback but Skroce manages to effortlessly keep the plot moving despite taking detours to flesh out these characters and provide some world building.

            Even after a cliffhanger ending last issue, we are immediately dropped into a flashback. Will is tasked with killing the princess from the underworld. These first issues, we’ve seen how Will has struggled to be the person that his father expects him to be. Skroce has a way with these characters. They are typical fantasy characters, yet he is able to give them a voice that is so relatable.  A minor character, who isn’t even given a name, offers some very human wisdom. Will’s got the princess completely overpowered but this moment is the one where he finally decides he’s his own person. It leads to some very serious consequences and we finally find out how he got to be exiled on Earth.

            The character who finally got her due this issue was Will’s mom, Margaret. We see just how much she loves Will and what she would do to save him. She “confronts” Maestro about what he’s done to her son without a thought of any consequences. Considering that the Maestro is essentially God, it takes a lot of guts. It also leads to one of the funniest part where the dinner guest look on as if watching a reality show, offering up hilarious commentary. After this issue she is easily the most badass character in this series.

            Despite starting with a flashback, that moment becomes a very important part in moving the plot forward with Will and company escaping to the underworld. We get a brief glimpse of the underworld and I can’t wait to go back next issue. This underworld manages to be both horrifying, offering the traditional aspects you’d expect, and yet somehow familiar, like a racist, white suburb.

            The art continues to be great, not much to say that hasn't been said. There is one particularly brutal scene that showcased just how detailed and talented Skroce is. The series is an absolute treat that everyone should be reading.

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