Captain America #696

by Michael D on December 06, 2017

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Samnee
Colorist: Matt Wilson
Publisher: Marvel

            Mark Waid and Chris Samnee continue to bring a sense of earnest fun that harken back to the good old days. Captain America is still trying to find himself in a post-Secret Empire world and finds that the best way to do this is by seeing more of the country that he represents. It was the status quo that was set in the last issue and it continues here. I’m surprised how much I am enjoying this status quo. The team is using this to great effect, getting to the core of Captain America while taking advantage of story beats to tell stories people want to read.

Like the past issue, this feels more like a one and done story. There are no hints of a bigger plot or some villain orchestrating everything behind the scenes. Instead, we are given a complete story with a throw back to villains of old. The Swordsman threatens to blow the dams flood gates and only Captain America can save the small town from certain doom. It’s simple yet effective.

The art is also incredible. Samnee is a master at storytelling. The flow and pace of the book rely so much on Samnee’s work. It’s so smooth and clear. The art, combined with Matt Wilson’s incredible colors, strike the perfect balance of old school yet modern.

The simple story telling accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. It’s just plain fun. I dare you to not crack a smile reading this book.  This team continues to bring old school sensibilities to the title and in today’s comic landscape; it feels completely unique and fresh.

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