Maestros #2

by Michael D on November 15, 2017

Writer & Artist: Steve Skroce
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Publisher: Image Comics

The second issue of Maestros continues to be a fun read that is unlike anything else on the stands right now. Skroce, tones down the zaniness from the previous issue to offer a more in depth look at the main protagonist, Will. The adult Will from the first issue was a bit unlikable and one note but that’s quickly remedied in this issue while also moving the plot along at a break neck speed.

When we met Will last issue, he was kind of a tool. He was in a strip club granting penis growing spells for money. You’d imagine that being granted the power of a god would make him even more of a tool. Well actually, he’s a really cool guy. Will has been given the title of Maestro for a while now but we’re immediately caught up in all the changes he has made. Slavery is illegal, despots are removed, and outdated customs are gone.  He is a kind and caring leader who actually takes the stuff he learned in college and puts it to work, often to comedic effect. I couldn’t help but laugh seeing a pissed off wizard read lines obviously taken from the Declaration of Independence to a room full of magical beings and creatures. Despite being comedic, we see exactly where Will is coming from. Flashback sequences to his childhood also help to add some context to his actions.

The cast is also expanded even further with a new villain and love interest. The new characters are introduced nicely and add a new wrinkle to the new administration. They help to move the plot very fast. The bloodbath from the last issue isn’t left hanging but instead we’re already treated to some answers. While the issue does end on a cliffhanger, I’m sure we’ll get some answers first thing next issue. It’s nice enjoying a book every month that isn’t so decompressed.

Skroce again brings his A-game for the art in this series. While the issue isn’t as action back or doing some serious world building, Skroce still manages to make each panel drip with personality. They are each filled with little details that help to bring the world to life. Also, every design Skroce comes up with is a treat to see.

Skroce builds off of an impressive start by delivering another fantastic issue. While the issue may be a tad slower, the pace rally helps to flesh the main character out and make him more likable. The characters are interesting, the art is great to look at, and the jokes land well.

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