Daredevil #595

by Michael D on November 08, 2017

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Stefano Landini
Colorist: Matt Milla
Publisher: Marvel

Daredevil gets the Legacy relaunch treatment with issue #595 this week. Charles Soule’s run has been consistently great as of late and I couldn’t wait to see him tackle Fisk. Soule manages to take Fisk in a new direction while also making him a legitimate threat again.

After an extended trip to China the last arc, Matt lands in New York to find out that Fisk is now the Mayor.  There is a brief explanation as to how he came to be the mayor with lots of parallels to Trump. He is anti-establishment, he was different from the suits, and he was a real New Yorker. It might be off putting to some but I didn’t find it to be too distracting. I was disappointed to see that the Fisk’s recent action in the Doctor Strange Secret Empire tie-ins weren’t referenced in the issue as it’s a much more natural and fitting reason as to how Fisk won the election.

Matt handles this news about as well as you’d expect him to but he does have a nice scene where he realizes why a person could possible feel compelled to vote for Fisk. The issue ends with Daredevil confronting Fisk and it’s scarier now that everything he is doing is legal, with the full backing of the NYPD. It’s going to be a wild ride seeing Daredevil adjust to it. On top of that, we’re still not entirely sure what Fisk’s motivations are at this point. Does he really have the interest of the people at heart or is this just another power play?

Landini does an admirable job on art duty this issue. He is draws a particularly great Daredevil, whether he be swinging through Hell’s Kitchen or perched on a ledge. There weren’t too many action sequences so we should see Landini flex his artistic muscles more in a later issue. The only problem was that, in a dialogue heavy issue, some of his faces seemed a little lifeless.  

If you haven’t been reading Soule’s Daredevil, now is the time to jump on. The story is off to a strong start, delivering exactly what legacy promised, a return to classic stories and classic villains.  

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