Captain America #695

by Michael D on November 01, 2017

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Samnee
Colorist: Matt Wilson
Publisher: Marvel
            Captain America has had a rough year. He was infamously revealed to be a Nazi and head lined his own major event where he was the villain. Although, with the cyclical nature of comics, Steve Rogers is back to the status quo, fighting Nazis and donning the classic red, white, and blue. This title was easily one of my most anticipated titles announced with Marvel Legacy. The super star team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee tackling Captain America by bringing him back to the his roots sounded too good to be true. These two are a well-oiled machine at this point and have created something special with this character.

            At the start of the story, we are treated to a flash back of Captain America kicking some Nazi butt in a small Nebraskan town. It feels good and you can immediately tell that Mark Waid just “gets” the character. Waid already has a few seminal Captain America runs under his belt and he's the perfect fit for this type of story. This Captain America is so inspiring that people can’t help but look at him and instantly be filled with hope. Despite not having any armor or super powers, Steve is  willing to never give up doing what is right. The character is a living legend and he acts like it.

            Flash forward to the present and it’s a different world. Steve has lost himself a bit in the aftermath of Secret Empire. As a result, he has hit the road to reconnect with America, not unlike the Superman: Grounded storyline. Steve pulls up to a town in the midst of a Captain America festival. It’s the same town he rescued in the flash back. He attends the festival in his civvies and witnesses the townsfolk go up to the microphone and reveal what Captain America means to them and how he has inspired them. It might seem a little cheesy and that’s because it is but Waid manages to catch some sincerity in these confessions and it works. Eventually some Nazi pop up and he makes quick work of them. There is some recognition of the Secret Empire event and it’s clear that Steve hasn’t forgiven himself but the focus is on taking Steve back to his roots and having fun.

            Samnee’s art is incredible as well. He manages to make Captain America into a figure that’s larger than life. His silver-age inspired art style perfectly complements the more fun, back to basics tone the book is aiming for.

            I loved this issue and it hit all the right beats. It’s great to see the Captain America that we all know and love back in the pages of Marvel. This run has the potential to reach the heights of other well regarded Captain America runs. I will definitely be back next month to see what this creative team has in store.

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