Daredevil #28

by Michael D on October 25, 2017

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Ron Garney
Colorist: Matt Milla
Publisher: Marvel 

Charles Soule finishes off his finale arc before the Legacy relaunch and he mostly sticks the landing. This issue marks the conclusion of the epic Land of the Blind arc, which reintroduces the character Blindspot, who was benched for the past couple of arcs. Also back for this arc is the incredible Ron Garney, who is a master at drawing Daredevil at this point.

Previously, in Land of the Blind, Daredevil traveled to China to reconnect with Blindspot after receiving a mysterious message from him. Blindspot sold Daredevil’s soul to the Beast of the Hand in exchange for his mother’s soul. This issue is Blindspot’s redemption arc and it feels a bit rushed. It’s a short arc, with only three issues, but we see Blindspot go from evil Hand ninja back to ‘ol Hornhead's sidekick at a break neck speed. He has a change of heart after one conversation with his mother, despite putting Daredevil through the ringer in the two previous issues.

That was the only weak part of the issue. Other than that, Soule’s got a strong handle on Matt as a character. He’s been writing him for the past two years and has already settled into a nice place with him. His Daredevil is relentless, despite going through weeks of torture, refuses to give. It was also nice to have the Hand as the villain again and make them terrifying after the last arc featuring them fell a little flat.

Ron Garney continues to kill it on Daredevil. His does some really great work here with some splash pages and consistently great composition. The only disappointing part is that we’re not going to be seeing him again with the upcoming Legacy arc.

Soule continues his great run on Daredevil with another solid arc coming to a close. Return of Blindspot, Hand ninjas, and Garney on art is not to be missed. The tease at the end for the next arc sounds even more exciting.

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