Ultimate Comics Cataclysm # 0.1

by mahargen on November 02, 2013

Writer - Joshua Fialkov

Art - Mico Suayan, Leonard Kirk, Mirco Pierfederici

The bell is tolling for the Ultimate Universe.  Fialkov here presents an interesting look at the differences between this universe and the 616 we are more familiar with.   The story is presented to is through the eyes of Ultimate Vision and her quest to understand empathy and feelings.  

Vision's story is probably the most compelling thing I've read in the Ultimate Universe outside of Miles Morales' stories in some time.  Big things are coming their way and the Vision seriously questions if they can handle Galactus.   Hunger started off promisingly, but fell short due to the lack of real progression.  This introduction eschews the need for advancement and instead focuses on a character piece which was enjoyable and succeeded in setting up Ultimate Cataclysm.

The visual feel here was in line with the rest of the Ultimate books.  It fits in well with the art direction, maintaining the blandness of the rest of the books.  Outside of Spider-Man, the books feel the same with their hyper-realistic approach to designing the world.  I'd like to see a little more "comic book" in this world to lighten up the tone.

The Verdict...

This is an interesting and somewhat uncomfortable look at the Ultimate world which begs the question of whether or not it is worth saving.  I was there at the beginning with Bendis and Bagley, and I'll be there for the end, terrible or not.  Stay tuned.

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