Captain Ultimate #2

by mahargen on September 19, 2013

Writers - Benjamin Bailey, Joey Esposito

Art - Boykoesh, Ed Ryzowski, Adam O. Pruett

Get Caught Up…

Captain Ultimate is a remnant of a bygone era.  He’s back now, in the mix with a world of heroes and villains who have moved on since his last appearance.  We don’t know where he’s been all this time, but he’s back and things are in motion.

What’s Good?

Just because a book is touted as being “all ages,” it doesn’t mean it has to skimp on the story-telling.  The second installment of Captain Ultimate brings us deeper into the story of the returning hero.  More important than his acts of heroics and his power, we are shown the character’s integrity.  In my mind, this is what is most important to the character, this is what is most endearing to me.  His actions after the battle with Dr. Destruction are what make him the hero he is.  He rebuilds.  He sees to the safety of Milo’s family.  He cares about what he is doing and the people around him.  He understands that being a hero is more than just superpowers, and he wants others to realize that as well.

We’re starting to get more hints as to the larger story that is at play here.  Not everyone will be happy with Captain Ultimate’s return.  He’s bound to be stepping on a few toes here and there.  I see Captain Ultimate as the hero’s hero.  So, I’m anxious to see more of the existing heroes in this world and how they respond.  Will they all side with the Super Revenging Society?  I’m hoping the writing team will expand further on some of those thoughts.  I’m curious to learn more about how Captain Ultimate feels about his place in this new society.

Beyond the story, the art and page set-ups are great.  Look around, there’s plenty of fun bits stuck here and there throughout the book.  The look into the Fortress of Attitude was fantastic.  The “old timey” dot-coloring look of Captain Ultimate returns as well, and is expanded to all characters relating to the Captain Ultimate era.  This includes villains, the pet sidekicks and the intrepid reporter.  There are a lot of stereotypes in comics that I find ridiculous.  However, the reporter getting herself into harm’s way for the sake the story?  Every time I fall for it.  It’s golden.

The Verdict…

If you aren’t reading this, you should be.  If only because it’ll bring a smile to your face.  And Otto’s in there.  I love me some Otto.


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