Flash : Rebirth (HC)

by lucstclair on June 22, 2012

From one Crisis to another, Barry Allen a.k.a the Flash has returned from the dead to Central City as the city’s sole protector. Escaping from the “speed force” has baffled Barry, as an old nemesis has also cheated death and begins to affect every other speedster in the DC Universe including Wally West, Savitar, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Johnny & Jesse Quick & Barry Allen’s future grand son, Bart Allen. As Barry Allen, his day job consists of working in a  lab for the police department’s forensics team, solving crimes. But it’s gonna take every thing Barry’s got to solve this one, the murder of his mother so many years ago, the mysterious deaths of a few other speedsters, the first date with his wife & especially his miraculous return. Somehow, it’s all connected to the “speed force” and Barry will realize that lighting does strike twice. Featuring the Justice League, The Flash’s Rogues Gallery & Gorilla Grodd.


The Pros

Being an admirer of super hero comics, I’m ashamed to admit that this is officially my very first The Flash story and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. This is the long overdue & anticipated return of the original Flash a.k.a Barry Allen, the Scarlet Speedster. This is a riveting & action-packed story full of rich characters and diabolical villains with elements of time traveling & dimension hopping. Like Green Lantern, writer Geoff Johns, with the assistance of illustrator Ethan Van Sciver have taken The Flash series and breathed new life into the character & his environments. Sciver’s drawings are simply amazing as you can see & feel the electricity buzzing from the “speed force”. You can practically hear every sonic boom every time The Flash or another hero runs from one place to another at super human speeds. The hero is only as good as his villain and this series has a doozy, but revealing who it is would be a huge spoiler for the readers.


The Cons

My only complaint would be that I was a little overwhelmed by the many speedsters that are actually part of the DCU. It was at times, a little confusing, but that confusion dissipated quickly with a second read.


The Outcome

The fastest man alive is back in a book that should not be missed by anyone who loves super heroes. This is pure DC Comics magic and I can’t recommend it enough. Originally published as The Flash : Rebirth #1-#6. From DC Comics.

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