Daredevil #14

by lucstclair on June 22, 2012

For his involvement in the disappearance of the Omega Drive & the busting of the Megacrime families, Daredevil has been abducted and locked into a cell of a castle in the country of Latveria, ruled by the tyrant & long time super villain… Doctor Doom. Starving, exhausted & almost gassed to death, the crimson crime fighter makes his escape from Doom’s dungeon and desperately runs for his life in an unfamiliar land. Plus: Has Foggy Nelson had enough of Matt’s lies?


The Pros

Doctor Doom in 2 comics this week? (see my Avenging Spider-Man #8 review) I know somebody who'll be very happy. Well actually Doom doesn’t really appear in this comic, but he’s on the cover. From the slums of Hell’s Kitchen to the mountains of Latveria, DD is put to the ultimate test, but I can’t reveal anymore for fear of spoiling the comic for the readers. This series is as terrific as ever, partly due to Mark Waid’s sharp as a knife story-telling.


The Cons

Thank goodness for Mark Waid’s writing, because I don’t like Chris Samnee’s illustrations. It’s kind of boring & ordinary. The stunning cover makes me happy & sad for 2 reasons. 1. Paolo Rivera drew a cover worthy of his talents & 2. Having just read about Paolo Rivera’s departure from Marvel, gets me a little down in the dumps to see him go. Do yourself a favour a go to his website and read his most recent blog about leaving Marvel, the man has class.


The Outcome

Despite my lack of interest in Chris Samnee, this is still a great issue to an even greater monthly title. From Marvel Comics.

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A Look Inside


stephengervais's picture

What a fantastic issue. It really doesn't get much better than this. Great story and ending. I'm so anticipating the next issue. I'll say it again this has been the best relaunched title of the last 2 years.


You're right it is sad to see Rivera leaving but he did it in such a classy way you can only wish him the best of luck and I can't wait to see his future works.