Earth 2 #2

by lucstclair on June 07, 2012

Mr. Teriffic pops up in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a confused Jay Garrick gets a very special gift from the dying god Mecury. Plus : The future will get very bright for Alan Scott, in more ways than one.


A thrilling second issue, from a series I’m really starting to appreciate. The Flash makes his debut and his origin has a Shazam/Captain Marvel feel to it that really works. Another famous heroine makes her debut, but I won’t spoil it for you fanboys out there. Also, this is the issue that has everyone talking about. The introduction of Alan Scott a.k.a Green Lantern as a gay character/super hero. Actually, he was introduced in the first issue, but the official “gay” issue is this one. It’s surprising it took DC this long to come out with a gay super hero, except Batwoman of course. On the other hand DC is playing it safe here by outing a homosexual character in a parallel world where anything goes and if it doesn’t work out, they can create a plot to destroy or shut down this duplicate universe and then it’s like it never happened. Having said that, I think it’s a very noble & gutsy move and the issue will probably sell out, controversial comics usually do very well. Now whether this was DC’s true intentions, is for you to decide.


Illustrator Nicola Scott does a fine job with the look of the issue, with The Flash zipping all over the place surrounded by an abundance of electricity. I like the design of The Flash’s costume, with bits & pieces taken from different Flashs. The Flash’s helmet from the Justice Society of America with a dash of Impulse’s (now Kid Flash) big boots, while still retaining Wally West’s & Barry Allen’s red & yellow signature colors with a splash of blue added. Plus : one in-your-face cover with The Flash taking out some filthy apokorats. Written by James Robinson (The Shade). From DC Comics.


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