Hardcore #1

by lucstclair on May 21, 2012

Imagine interfacing with a human being, having complete control over their functions and then “leaping” out of their bodies without a trace. That would make any man, woman or child the ultimate assassin, close to the target, no evidence & 100% lethal. Cue special agent Drake, he’s the #1 man for this “body manipulation” job. He works for a government agency that takes out the trash, eliminates the worst of the worst. When a routine mission goes sour, Drake has a window of 72 hours… or he’s as dead as his targets!


The Matrix meets Quantum Leap (without the time travelling) in this thrilling new series from Robert Kirkman, critically acclaimed creator & writer of The Walking Dead & Thief Of Thieves. Beautifully illustrated by Brian Stelfreeze who gives a real high tech look to the book, without compromising the characters humanity. And to make it all worthwhile, the very talented Marc Silvestri delivers a stunning cover.


It’s wall to wall action and has a clever story that will occasionally throw you curve balls too. Image has done it again. If you only buy one comic this week, make damn sure it’s this one.

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