Earth 2 #1

by lucstclair on May 05, 2012

Exactly 5 years ago, the Parademons, other-worldly creatures from a distant place called Apokolips invaded earth through temporal portals and would’ve completely enslaved the planet were it not for the sacrifices of Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman. Welcome to Earth 2, a parallel earth where history tells a different tale about the super heroes we know & love. Some have died & others are about to be created, like Jay Garrick, who gets a visit from the Greek god mercury himself  with a proposition that will change young Jay’s life forever.


The second wave of The New 52 begins with a what if? storyline with new & forgotten heroes with endless possibilities. An exciting story about true heroism & sacrifice brought to you by James Robinson (Starman Omnibus Vol. 1) & illustrated by Nicola Scott (Teen Titans : Prime Of Life).

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