Epic Kill #1 (of 5)

by lucstclair on May 05, 2012

Song is a teenage girl locked away in the St-Thomas School for Troubled Girls with no memory of her past or how she got there. However, the memories are slowly creeping back as she realizes what she truly is… a killing machine, trained to kill without remorse, mercy or hesitation and always with savage fury. With a price on her pretty little head & a target on her back, she makes her escape as several armed & dangerous men have caught up to her, but this ain’t no social visit!


This is a new mini-series about a young femme fatale that borrows heavily from everything from Hong Kong action movies to The Matrix, Kill Bill, Elektra and even The Long Kiss Goodnight. This is writer & illustrator Raffaelle Ienco’s love letter to those movies & comics and it shows. It has action, bullet time, martial arts, swordplay with plenty of blood splatter. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with that, except we’ve all seen it before and it brings nothing new to the game. I find the illustrations a little clunky too, but the cover definitely kills. Regrettably, there’s not enough here for me to recommend. Image has delivered better material than this. It’s all icing, but no cake.


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