Chew Vol. 5 : Major League Chew

by lucstclair on April 29, 2012

Tony Chu gets fired & transferred to the municipal traffic division and Mike Applebee’s loving every minute of it. And if being a meter maid isn’t bad enough, Tony gets kidnapped by Amelia’s very jaded ex-boyfriend with baseball on his mind and he’s got plans for our favourite cibopath. Plus: Mason Savoy reveals to Olive Chu, (Tony’s daughter) the reason for her abduction, but this little cibopath is more than meets the eye.


You like butter? You like chocolate? You like mayhem? If you do, you’re not gonna want to miss the 5th volume of the best comic book series hitting the shelves today. Some very funny and very awkward situations unfold as we get 2 kidnappings, the sexual fantasies of dead baseball players, sweet sculptures, a lion USDA agent, newfound abilities & you won’t believe who Agent Colby’s new partner is. Layman & Guillory hit another one out of the ballpark (no pun intended). Originally published as Chew #21-#25. From Image Comics.

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