Chew Vol. 4 : Flambé (TPB)

by lucstclair on April 29, 2012

The Will Eisner award winner Chew continues as Tony Chu’s world goes haywire with weird alien scriptures orbiting earth. Is it the end of times? Is it Armageddon? Or is it something more? Plus: Tony visits Area 51 and what’s inside is not what you’d expect.


No doubt about it, this series just keeps getting better with every trade. From NASA, Tony’s sister assists him with a special case & It’s not wise to piss off Poyo. I love that rooster! Written by the twisted mind of John Layman who manages to turn a simple food fight into a bloodbath & illustrated by Rob Guillory who I’d love to see draw an issue of The Walking Dead. Originally published as Chew #16-#20. From Image Comics.

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