Chew Vol. 2 : International Flavor (TPB)

by lucstclair on April 29, 2012

On a tiny western pacific island, a special kind of fruit grows, a fruit that tastes remarkably like chicken. Renown chef Chow Chu, Tony’s eccentric brother, works at the hotel resort, cooking with the mysterious fruit and making a killing with his costumers. Needless to say, this has attracted the attention of the F.D.A. & their #1 agent, Tony Chu. Plus: Nothing can prepare you for the majestic … Poyo!


The follow up to the first Chew storyline, jam-packed with freaky exotic fruit, sexy & voluptuous federal agents, more vamps & a cybernetic cock-fighting rooster. Viva Poyo! Another excellent trade from John Layman & Rob Guillory. Originally published as Chew #6-#10. From Image Comics.

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