Wolverine & The X-Men #9

by lucstclair on April 21, 2012

An AVX tie-in! Captain America visits the Jean Grey School with impending news about the Phoenix Force, but some of the more gifted students already know. Plus: Place your bets for Planet Sin’s ultimate gambling experience!


After the events of the last couple of issues, Logan & Henry enjoy some r & r on the beach in the jungle room (didn’t know there was a jungle room, could be the danger room). But tranquility is not a word often used to describe the Jean Grey School as the events from AVX come knocking on their door.


Another awesome issue from Marvel’s best x-title. Watching aliens from Planet Sin making bets on which planet the Phoenix Force will destroy next is priceless, sadistic, but priceless. Written by Jason Aaron (Avengers Vs X-Men) & illustrated by Chris Bachalo who’s drawings looked a little muddled last issue, but he’s back in top shape and it looks fantastic. From Marvel Comics.

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