Wolverine & The X-Men #8

by lucstclair on April 06, 2012

Logan in a wheel chair? Beast & Sabretooth ripping each other to threads in the vacuum of space? The students of The Jean Grey School crashing Planet Sin’s casino? Grab some band aids, it’s gonna get bloody!


There’s some exciting stuff happening in this month’s issue, so I’ll get right to it. Beast lets his wild animal side shine, but when you’re in a fight with Sabretooth, there’s no other way. Genesis’ true power is demonstrated and it’s an awesome sight, whether he wants it or not, this Apocalypse Jr. will eventually spell trouble for the school. And finally, The Hellfire Club are not done with The Jean Grey School, not by a long shot.


Jason Aaron keeps the story flowing with action & humour and It’s nice to have illustrator Chris Bachalo (Shade The Changing Man Vol. 1 : The American Scream) back on board. Sabretooth looks fantastic! From Marvel Comics.

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