Danger Club #1

by lucstclair on April 06, 2012

3 months ago the greatest super heroes of earth left for space to confront an evil of epic proportions. They never returned, leaving their sidekicks behind. Now they must band together to face the possibility that whatever caused the disappearance of the super heroes, could be heading towards earth at any given moment. But not everyone is willing to play ball.


Teen Titans meets Kick-Ass as Image does it again with a new & exciting comic book debut. We’re introduced to the lead characters called Kid Vigilante, Yoshimi, The Fearless, The Magician & the egotistical Apollo. Written by Landry Q. Walker & illustrated by Eric Jones, who’s illustrations are unfamiliar to me, but I was totally impressed nonetheless. Pick this one up (if you can, Image #1s tend to vanish quickly off the shelves lately), you won’t regret it.

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