Hoax Hunters #0

by lucstclair on March 22, 2012

Imagine a TV show that takes urban legends, mythical creatures, UFO sightings & internet-fabricated mysteries and debunks them using facts, science & logical explanations to reveal the truth about them. Now imagine that those same legends just happen to be true and the people behind the show are covering them up for the greater good of Joe Public. Think Myth Busters meets The B.P.R.D. & you’ve got a good idea what this series is about.


Image Comics is on a roll lately, coughing up new, inventive titles that are selling like hotcakes. Titles like No Place Like Home, The Manhattan Projects & Saga and this title is no exception. It’s original, has a lot of fresh ideas & does a satisfactory job introducing the characters to the reader. My biggest problem is the artwork, it didn’t agree with me at all. Looks rushed & splattershot all over the pages. The preview for issue #1 seems like an improvement in the illustrations department, so it has potential. I did like the “astronaut scarecrow” character and the team’s B.P.R.D. solution at the end was a nice touch. Written by Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley. Illustrated by JM Ringuet & Axel Medellin.

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