Walking Dead Vol. 15 : We Find Ourselves (TPB)

by lucstclair on March 20, 2012

After many casualties within the group, Rick & the survivors reassess their surroundings and start preparations to strengthen the village, to really have a sense of community. But not everyone agrees with Rick’s plans & they’re willing to kill to stop him.


It’s a well deserved timeout for the characters (and the reader) as there’s a glimpse of hope for the group who are hanging on by the skins of their teeth. But this is The Walking Dead, hope is a very rare thing. Watching Rick trying to reconnect with his now almost completely emotionless son is gut-wrenching. Robert Kirkman’s dialogue is very human as always and Charlie Adlard’s illustrations have a great sense of despair. I was pretty pissed when Tony Moore stopped with the illustrations, but right now I couldn’t see anyone else but Adlard drawing this series. Originally published as The Walking Dead #85-#90. From Image Comics.

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