Ultimate Comics : The Ultimates #7

by lucstclair on March 03, 2012

The Ultimates are losing the battle against a mad Reed Richards & The City, but it’s time for Nick Fury to call in the big guns… The Celestials, The Eternals & Fury’s ace in the hole…The Hulk!


Having been away from The Ultimate universe for a while, I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. It sure has expanded with a new Spider-Man, new worlds like Tian & The City popping up and making all kinds of trouble for The Ultimates. Jonathan Hickman has crafted a wonderful storyline and Esad Ribic’s illustrations are incredible. Great issue, an even greater series. Written by Jonathan Hickman (FF Vol. 1) & illustrated by Esad Ribic (Silver Surfer : Requiem). From Marvel Comics.

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