Daredevil (HC)

by lucstclair on February 14, 2012


After a rocky couple of years, Matt Murdock returns as Daredevil! Re-teaming with his old friend & partner Foggy Nelson, the law practice of Nelson & Murdock are back in business providing justice for those in need. The road ahead for Daredevil will not be an easy one as old allies & old foes return along with some new deadlier threats. Featuring Captain America, The Spot (no really), Klaw, Hydra & The Bruiser.


I’m thrilled to have The Man Without Fear back, it’s been way too long for me. I was collecting DD in the 80’s & 90’s, but missed out on the Ed Brubaker run (which I plan to read one day). Writer Mark Waid does a great job putting Matt Murdock in situations where he’s defending clients as their lawyer and also as Daredevil. Paolo Rivera & Marcus Martin’s illustrations are simple, but also beautifully detailed with every panel. There’s a two-page spread that showcases Matt & Foggy taking a stroll outside with a few sights & sounds singled out and “seen” with Matt’s radar sense that is outstanding. This is a new beginning and one hell of a trade. I can’t recommend it enough. Written by Mark Waid (Irredeemable) and illustrated by Paolo Rivera (Mythos) & Marcos Martin (Spider-Man : Brand New Day Vol. 3). Originally published as Daredevil #1-#6. From Marvel Comics.








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