Green Lantern #5

by lucstclair on January 14, 2012

The conclusion to “Sinestro”. The final showdown between team Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps comes to an end. Plus: Is Sinestro trying to make amends for his crimes?


This was an exciting 5-part story arc in the continuing adventures of Hal Jordan and the further development of Sinestro, a fascinating Green Lantern villain. There’s still an abundance of bad blood between these two characters and a lot of history too. A bit of redemption for Sinestro for helping the Korugarians get rid of their Sinestro Corps threat, which he created in the first place. Also making amends to the Korugarians for ruling their planet as a tyrant so many years ago. Hal’s personal life improves and The Guardians have big plans for the G.L Corps.


I hope Geoff Johns (Brightest Day) and Doug Mahnke (Justice League Elite) stick around for a while, they make a great team. From DC Comics.

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