Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman : Trinity (TPB)

by lucstclair on January 08, 2012

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together in their first adventure! Billionaire eco-terrorist Ras’ al Ghul is bent on world domination and he’s got a secret weapon… the dim-witted but powerful Bizarro!


Matt Wagner brings his art and imagination to a story that captures the first adventure of 3 of DC Comics most iconic characters in one epic volume. Always a treat to see Batman and Superman teaming up and kicking ass despite their differences. We also get some insight and background on Wonder Woman and her Amazonian roots, which I wasn’t too familiar with to begin with. I still think the invisible plane is goofy, it didn’t work on the old tv show and it doesn’t work here. Mix in 2 of Batman & Superman’s arch enemies you’ve got yourself a terrific book.


I was always a huge fan of Matt Wagner’s work, from Grendel to Mage and the Terminator one shot he did for Dark Horse Comics. Written & illustrated by Matt Wagner (Batman : Faces). Originally published as Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman : Trinity #1-#3. From DC Comics.

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