Uncanny X-Men #4

by lucstclair on January 07, 2012

The techno-alien race known as The Phalanx are back and only the X-Men can stop them!


Not too familiar with The Phanlanx, but thankfully the first couple of pages gives the reader a quick rundown on their history. They’re an alien race of one consciousness, one hive-mind, kinda like The Borg from Star Trek, but more terrifying. This is a stand alone story and it’s a good one, it’s also a sad story and by the end of it, you can’t help but feel a little sorry for The Phalanx. A well crafted tale written by Kieron Gillen (Thor) and illustrated by Brandon Peterson (Ultimate X-Men) who also provided a stunning cover featuring Colossus in his Juggernaut mode. From Marvel Comics.

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