Uncanny X-Men #3

by lucstclair on December 30, 2011

Cyclops & The X-Men in a final showdown with the diabolical Mr. Sinister only to confront a handful of Celestials! The conclusion to the first story arc of the brand new Uncanny X-Men series begins here!


The ending of this comic reveals that Cyclops and his “Extinction Team” are not to be trifled with. The “high noon” moment with the gigantic Celestials will have you saying “How cool is that?” Not to mention the reactions of the human onlookers who witness the confrontation is priceless. There’s also an interesting conversation between Hope and Sinister about The Phoenix Force, hinting for things to come. Looking forward to future issues.


I do however have a beef I’d like to share with you about the cover of this issue. You see, comic book covers are sometimes like movie trailers, they lie. A comic book cover, just like a trailer shows little bits of things to come, edited perfectly just to grab your attention. Walking in my local comic book shop I was in complete awe when I saw the cover to this issue. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic cover, how can you not like it? A Celestial is about to crush Cyclops under his thumb and Cyclops blasting said thumb with a full on optic blast! I just think It’s misleading and Marvel doesn’t need to use cheap tactics to attract more readers. What makes this a good title is the stuff inside, not outside. Written by Kieron Gillen (Generation Hope : Schism) and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco (Green Lantern : No Fear). From DC Comics.


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A Look Inside


The human onlookers don't react, really- something which was pointed out and explained in the comic.

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Their jaws just fell to the ground. Shocked and scared is what I meant.