Chosen (TPB)

by lucstclair on December 23, 2011

Jodie Christianson lives a pretty ordinary life for an average 12-year old. He skips school, smokes cigarettes and hangs with his friends, but his life is about to change drastically. After a freak accident, that should of killed him instantly, he not only walks away without a scratch but later on, starts to manifest strange abilities within himself. He starts getting straight As in all his school subjects, heals the sick & the dying and even turns water into wine. Is Jodie the return of Jesus Christ? His friends, family and the people in his community certainly think so, but does Jodie? Teenage angst meets The Book of Revelations in this story of faith and religion. I can’t really mention any more than that for fear of spoiling the story, but I absolutely loved this book. I’ve always found religion a fascinating topic for comics, which explains my adoration for titles like Preacher and Lucifer. For reasons I won’t explain, this book requires at least a second reading, trust me on this, you’ll want to go back. Written by Mark Millar (Spider-Man : Marvel Knights) and illustrated by Peter Gross (Books Of Magic). Originally published as Chosen #1-#3. From Dark Horse Comics. Suggested for mature readers.

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Wow this wasn't even on my radar but it sounds awesome! Great concept for a story!