Marvel Universe VS The Punisher

by lucstclair on December 07, 2011

In this “What if?” story, The Punisher has unwillingly released a deadly pathogen into the air, turning every citizen, super hero & villain into cannibalistic murderers out for fresh meat! Somehow, he’s immune to it and stumbles upon a handful of still human survivors, but he’s still looking out for number one. You’d think a lethal biological weapon that wiped out most humans including criminals would convince The Punisher that his one man war would be over… but it’s only just begun!

This is a fun trade, filled with mayhem and carnage we’ve come to expect from a Punisher book, but I can’t help but wonder that this would have been a better ride under the MAX imprint, to really cut loose with the violence and gore. Still, it’s nice to see The Hulk, Deadpool and Daredevil get their asses handed to them by The Punisher. Written by Jonathan Maberry (Captain America : Hail Hydra) and illustrated by Goran Parlov (The Punisher). Reprinting Marvel Universe VS The Punisher #1-#4

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