History Of The Marvel Universe

by lucstclair on December 04, 2011

Simply put. A complete history of every major event in the Marvel universe in the last 50+ years in one info-packed issue! From the WW2 super heroes to Mary Jane’s famous words “Face it tiger, you’ve hit the jackpot!”. From Acts Of Vengeance to The Infinity Gauntlet. From The Age Of Apocalypse to the Spider Island saga. It’s all here!

Having recently returned (a few months ago) to collecting comics after a 10 year absence, this was a very insightful and informative comic. It really filled the gaps of stuff I missed out on and it’s a pleasure to be back. Recurring themes in the Marvel U. are fights (duh), cloning, time travel and let’s not forget alternate realities, which at times can be a little confusing, but can only exist and be explained rationally IN a comic book universe. This is a great addition to any Marvel fan. Consider it a history book.

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