Uncanny X-men #1

by lucstclair on December 02, 2011

In this new ongoing X-Men series, Magneto, The White Queen, Collosus, Namor, Magik & Storm along with their leader Cyclops are the “Extinction Team” aka “Cyclops Team”. Located in the bay area of San Francisco on the island Utopia, home base for this newly regrouped team of old school mutants. Their mission hasn’t changed: to be accepted by humanity, a humanity that despises them. With less than 200 mutants worldwide, that mission has raised the stakes higher than ever before. Mr. Sinister is back and he’s got plans for a massive Dreaming Celestial standing dormant in the middle of Golden Gate Park!


The roster for this team is simply awesome, some of the most powerful mutants together in one kick-ass group. A strong new beginning and a great looking title. Written by Kieren Gillen and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco (Superman/Batman Absolute Power).

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