Hulk : The End (TPB)

by lucstclair on November 27, 2011

Two titanic tales of possible futures in one glorious volume.

The first is Hulk : Future Imperfect. Hulk is thrusted into the future to encounter an enemy he’s never faced before. A future version of himself called The Maestro. The Maestro is the supreme leader and tyrant of a region called Dystopia. The citizens of Dystopia desperately need the Hulk’s help if they want to rid themselves of The Maestro once and for all. But how do you defeat your future self when he sees all your moves coming a mile away, constantly one step ahead of you? Written by Hulk master Peter David and illustrated by the great George Perez.

The second is Hulk : The End: WW3 has erupted, vaporizing every living thing in it’s path… except The Hulk. He walks a wasteland, surviving and changing back into Banner from time to time. In the end The Hulk got his wish…to be left alone. Written by Peter David and illustrated by my favourite hulk artist, Dale Keown. A must for every Hulk fan.

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