by lucstclair on November 25, 2011

The spirit world and technology collide in this tale of science, greed and murder. Dr Ashar Ahmad has created a containment to actually seal in a soul after it’s left the body, capturing it in a “iron man” like suit of armor. Subjects are “born again” and are able to freely walk, talk, hear and see in what the good doctor calls “coffins”. But Dr. Ahmad’s success is short lived when he his brutally gunned down by a greedy corporation out to steal his research and to unlock the secrets of immortality. Dr. Ahmad is forced to crawl in and eventually die in his own “coffin” suit and seek the help of an old colleague if he wants to ever see his daughter again. This is an awesome trade with a solid story. It’s Frankenstein mixed with Ghost In The Shell with a dash of Iron Man. Written by Phil Hester and drawn in beautiful black & white by Mike Huddleston.

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