Edgar Allan Poe's The Premature Burial

by lucstclair on April 02, 2014

~~Richard Corben & Dark Horse presents yet another of Edgar Allan Poe’s horror stories into a beautifully creepy one-shot called The Premature Burial! With two twisted tales from beyond the grave, make sure you look over your shoulder before you read it.

The Team

Originally written by Edgar Allan Poe and adapted and illustrated by Richard Corben

The Pros & Cons

With themes of necrophilia, grave robbing and claustrophobia, this is one Poe adaptation that made my skin crawl. Narrated by a grotesque character named Mag the Hag, a Crypt Keeper like individual who guides you through two stories of what its like to be buried alive.

Corben is truly in his element here, I’ve seen his other non-horror related comics like the Hulk comic called Banner and it was pretty good, but horror is where he excels. Poe’s Victorian age characters and settings really give his drawings a real gothic feeling with the eerie tombs, skeletons and other ghostly apparitions.

The Outcome

Reading this really took me back to when I was a kid watching late night horror films from Hammer or even cheesy, but still creepy movies from Elvira’s repertoire of shlock. I’ve always enjoyed these wonderful one-shots and I look forward to more.


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