Massive #15

by lucstclair on August 28, 2013

Georg, a crew member of the Kapital, now gone rogue sits in the hull of a nuclear submarine in the ocean where once stood New York City. With Georg’s itchy finger on the button of several nuclear warheads, Captain Israel puts his faith in Mag, who has a history with George, to try and talk some sense into him, before the Americans and their helicopters blasts the crew of The Kapital to kingdom come in part 3 of “Americana”.

The Team

Written by Brian Wood & illustrated by Garry Brown. Cover by J.P. Leon. Published by Dark Horse.

The Pros & Cons

The tension in this issue comes to a heart stopping climax, as the lives of the people involved and the already fractured earth are at stake. The series has always been consistent about the storyline and its development of the characters. Some story arcs are good, while others are great and some like this one simply knock it out of the park! The ending, as great as it is, still has some unexplained situations and I’m sure the writer will revisit them in a future story arc.
What I love about this series, is that with every issue, we find out more and more about the characters pasts in little flashbacks that shape them into the kind of men and woman they are in present times. Most of them are flawed or have something to prove, which makes them unpredictable and in doing so also makes the series completely unpredictable. The friendship between Mag & Georg is bitter sweet and comes to a boil in this issue. I have no doubt that the bad blood between these two characters is not over.
I’ve gotten used to Garry Brown’s style of illustrations, I know that sounds like I didn’t like his style, but I admit it, it took me a while to adapt to it.  I love the creepy full page panels of a flooded NYC, which gives it a dark and haunting image to a once mighty city, now sunken like a ship just rusting away.

The Outcome

In a world dominated with the often mundane and generic super hero title, this series continues to uphold my faith that there are genuinely original comics out there that deal with topics rarely seen in comics today and The Massive does it in spades every single month. Hats off to Brian Wood, Garry Brown and Dark Horse Comics. This issue gets a 9, but the three part story arc gets a solid 10.

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