X-Files Season 10 #1

by lucstclair on June 18, 2013

Under new identities, ex FBI agents Scully & Mulder live the quiet life in the suburbs, leaving behind a life of monsters, aliens & conspiracy theories. Their life of comfort is about to change when their old boss Skinner pays them a visit with some alarming news. The FBI’s network was breached by an unknown entity and some of the files compromised were filed under the letter “X”. With their lives threatened and dark forces drawing closer, Scully, Mulder & Skinner are back the game, whether they want to or not.

The Team

Written by Chris Carter (X-Files Season 1-9, Millenium, Harsh Realm) and Joe Harris (Great Pacific Vol. 1 : Trashed!). Illustrated by Michael Walsh (Comeback TP). Published by IDW.

The Pros & Cons

It’s been years since I’ve watched the X-Files, so my memory of the last season’s final episode is a little blurry. This issue helped to jog my memory a little bit, it helped me to remember that Scully put her baby into adoption for reasons I can’t recall. I think it was for his security because someone or something was after the baby. I also remember the very final shot was a full blown alien invasion with cities burning in a War of the Worlds type of scenario. So I guess this new “season” jumps in right after the whole adoption thing, whether this series will wrap up with the alien invasion scene remains to be seen.
It’s nice to see the gang back together again, sort of, illustrator Michael Walsh draws the characters faces exactly how they looked in the TV show, but that’s a given. Keeping with the style of the show, there are mysterious shadowy assailants and a creepy little girl, which always helps a horror story I always say. The story quickly sets up the characters, so if you’re unfamiliar with the X-Files, you shouldn’t have any problems following these events. Amidst the chases and suspense, there are a few lighter moments that are quite amusing. Mulder & Scully playing house and Mulder still possesses that sharp wit of his. Fans of the show will appreciate that Mulder still has the “I Want to Believe” poster on his wall, but no sign of The Lone Gunmen…yet.
Writer Joe Harris is good choice for this series and with Chris Carter, the show’s creator at his side, they’ve opened the door to new possibilities for the X-Files. Harris knows horror and Carter knows these characters like the back of his hand. Other than drawing the characters the way they’re supposed to look like, Michael Walsh does a straight forward job with the illustrations. It’s nothing memorable, but it gets the job done. From what I can remember, that’s always been the problem with X-Files comics, the old Topps comics had great covers, but the inside artwork was mediocre at best. Old habits die hard I guess.

The Outcome

This first issue didn’t blow me away, but there’s enough here to keep me in suspense and to check future issues or at least until the first story arc wraps up. I admit it was fun to revisit this world and I have a lot of affection for these characters, but with other popular titles who dominate the market with themes of the supernatural, the occult & aliens, are the X-Files here to stay? We’ll see if the truth is out there.
P.S. I think I’ll re-watch the X-Files on Netflix

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