Daredevil : Dark Nights #1

by lucstclair on June 06, 2013

In this new mini series Daredevil wakes up in the hospital a John Doe, with no memory of his past life, but still has the instinct to help those in need. In a blizzard that consumes NYC and lives hanging in the balance, he’ll have to put his faith in the kindness of strangers if he’s going to survive the night. Part 1 of “Angels Unaware”

The Team

Written & illustrated by Lee Weeks (Civil War : Captain America) and coloured by Lee Loughridge. Published by Marvel Comics.

The Pros & Cons

One Daredevil mini series ends, another one begins. This is the first issue of an 8 issue mini series manifested into a trilogy by different writers & illustrations. This first story arc is written and drawn by DD favourite Lee Weeks and it looks fantastic. I love these Daredevil tales involving the normal and sometimes abnormal citizens of Hell’s Kitchen. No Bullseye, no Kingpin or Elektra, just Matt Murdock as the crimson avenger helping his fellow New Yorkers from the predators of the city.
As far as I know, this is Weeks first attempt at writing a comic and he’s quite good at it. The first page starts with the ending of the issue and he perfectly displays how one story affects the other. A person’s death influences another’s life, which makes you care about these characters fates and not just plot devices. Weeks’ illustrations look as stunning as ever, the look of NYC in a snow storm will give you chills and the way he structures pages with the narration on one side and the panels on the other is simply brilliant.

The Outcome

With Mark Waid’s Daredevil series and BMB’s Dardevil : End of Days, this truly is DD’s year. As one of Marvel’s beloved characters, no one deserves it more.

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