Massive #12

by lucstclair on May 22, 2013

With a skeleton crew on board and morale extremely low, Captain Israel stubbornly continues the search for its sister ship The Massive. With a constant blip on the radar and the threat of being stranded in the clutches of the Artic ice, could this be the end of The Kapital’s mission?

The Team

Written by Brian Wood (Local, Conan, Mara), illustrated by Danijel Zezelj (Luna Park, Loveless : Blackwater Falls, El Diablo) & coloured by Jordie Bellaire (The Bright Side of Life). Published by Dark Horse.

The Pros & Cons

Wrapping up the Polaris story arc, I can’t help but feel sorry for these characters. I won’t spoil it, but I can’t wait for these people to catch a break already. This was a very good 3 part story arc, probably one of the best, as we delve deeper into Captain Israel’s past, his demons brought out in the open for all his crew to see and we learn about the Kapital’s humble beginnings. Since the very first issue, Brian Wood has taken these characters to hell and back and still the persevere. For some it’s just a job, for others they feel safer on a vessel then on land and for Callum Israel, not knowing the fate of The Massive is something he just can’t bear. He has to know, even if it kills him. I guess as a devoted fan of this series, I too share Captain Israel’s obsession. Will they find The Massive? Or has the captain doomed the crew of The Kapital? One thing’s for sure, as long as Brian Wood keeps pumping out good stories, I’ll stick around to the very end.
Penciller Danijel Zezelj lends his dark illustrations to this issue, his characters and surroundings have rough edges, the cracking ice looks like shards of glass just waiting to stab at The Kapital’s hull. His drawings have a real sense of despair that the crew of The Kapital are experiencing. You can read it in their faces as clear as day.

The Outcome

I was always a fan of Brian Wood’s DMZ, but The Massive is, for me anyway, the best work he’s done. I think next month’s new story arc will be an exciting one, as The Kapital sails to NYC… start spreading the news! This issue gets a 9 and the story arc “Polaris” gets a 10.

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