Massive #11

by lucstclair on April 24, 2013

After half of Captain Israel’s crew has abandoned the Kapital for personal reasons, the remaining crew continue their frustrating search for the Massive, their sister ship. With a helicopter low on fuel, Captain Israel recklessly sends a party to investigate an unknown vessel in the distance. When the pilot loses control of helicopter, he’s forced to crash land on the island known as the Farallones. With ragged rocks & sea stacks, the Farallones is not a friendly place and it’s about to get a lot nastier when a beast of a prehistoric nature surrounds the island looking for prey. Part 2 of “Polaris”.

The Team

Written by Brian Wood (Mara, Local, Channel Zero), illustrated by Declan Shalvey (Thunderbolts : Violent Rejection) & coloured by Jordie Bellaire. Published by Dark Horse.

The Pros & Cons

The plot for this series starts to thicken up like pea soup. With the Kapital deserting half its crew and Captain Israel getting sicker and sicker from cancer, you’d think these characters would eventually catch a break? Nope. Enter the Megalodon, a huge prehistoric shark about the size of the Titanic and add a few hundred Great Whites and you’ve got one shark infested waters.  What follows are some great illustrations from Declan Shalvey, panels filled with nightmarish beasts that have been around for millions of years and will probably outlive humans.
A few years ago, Jan de Bont, the director of Speed & Twister was attached to direct a movie called Meg. Based on Steve Alten’s novel, the movie rights were apparently purchased, but unfortunately, the project fell through. Now that would’ve been something, Jurassic Park meets Jaws. That would’ve put asses in cinema seats, so far this comic is the closest we’ll ever see get to see of those images coming to life. For now just soak in the drawings, prepare to be terrified and let your imagination do the rest.

The Outcome

What I love about this series is that I learn something new with very issue. Sure it’s fiction, but Brian Wood takes his ideas and blends them with real geographic landscapes & bodies of water the likes of which I’ve never heard of. If it wasn’t for this issue, I never would’ve learned about the Farallones. It’s the Discovery channel in a comic book. Knowledge & entertainment all rolled into one. Thank you Brian, Declan, Bellaire and all the peeps at Dark Horse, keep up the great work.

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