Massive #9

by lucstclair on February 27, 2013

Trapped like prisoners onboard the Moksha station with Captain Israel recovering from his injuries, the crew of the Kapital try one last desperate attempt to return to their ship.

The Team

Written & created by Brian Wood (Local, Wolverine & The X-Men : Alpha & Omega, Northlanders Vol. 4 : The Plague Widow). Illustrated by Garry Brown (Dark Matter Vol. 1 : Rebirth) & coloured by Dave Stewart. Cover art by J.P. Leon. Published by Dark Horse Comics.
A couple of surprises turn up, as “Subcontinental” wraps up. Often with this series, we get a little background about the characters. Questionable histories and sometimes violent pasts and it’s no different for Georg. Raised in war torn Groznaya (now Grozny) and spent a better part of his young adult life doing hard time in prison, his actions in this issue shocked me, but also shocked his fellow crew members. There’s more to this character than meets the eye.
The biggest shocker comes from a conversation between Sumon and Captain Israel that could change the course of Ninth Wave or even put an early closure to this series. Sumon drops a bomb on Captain Israel. I won’t spoil it, but he could be lying, I’ll let you guys decide that for yourselves.
Illustrator Garry Brown keeps doing his thing, with breath taking underwater images that shows you how insignificant humans are next to the deepness of the ocean. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of his work.

The Outcome

This is by far my favourite series Brian Wood has ever crafted and “Subcontinental” is the best story arc as well. Throughout the series, the crew of the Kapital have encountered more dangerous and hostile situations then they can count, but with the Moksha incident, nothing’s more hazardous than the truth. This issue gets a 10 and so does the “Subcontinental” story arc.

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