Wolverine & the X-Men #25

by lucstclair on February 15, 2013

Trying to get them to work together as a team, Logan brings out a handful of the most problematic students from the Jean School of Higher Learning to the time forgotten world known as the Savage Land. As pleasant as that may be for Logan, it’s about to get much worse as his brother ambushes him with deadly intent.

The Team

Written by Jason Aaron (Scalped Vol. 10 : Trail’s End, Incredible Hulk by Jason Aaron Vol. 1) & illustrated by Ramon Perez (Resistance, John Carter : The Gods of Mars). Published by Marvel Comics.
Every student loves a school trip, but this ain’t your average school trip and these definitely ain’t your average students & teacher. What I love about this particular title, is where writer Jason Aaron takes the characters. Wacky & wild places like an alien casino, inside Kitty Pryde’s body (not that way) or even a circus of monsters. You just never know just where he’ll take the reader next. Having said that, I guess the Savage Land is next logical destination. To test their survival skills, which should force them to works as a team, Wolverine gives these mutant truants 24 hours to get to the Blackbird or become some dinosaur’s dinner.
What follows is a very humorous and action oriented issue, although watching Glob Herman eat a big maggot filled dino dung could make you lose your lunch like Eye-Boy (seriously, what’s up with these useless characters?). I’m starting to appreciate Ramon Perez’ artwork more and more, but his version of Beast is more vampire and less feral than what we’re used to. He looks like a furry blue Nosferatu. Mix in a side plot about Wolverine’s mutton chops brother (I thought Sabretooth was his only brother? Unless it is Creed, anyway) and Marvel delivers another winner for this fan favourite title.

The Outcome

What can I say? After 25 issues, this is still a very worthy comic that’s #1 on my monthly pull list.

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A Look Inside


We're not supposed to know who the brother is, right?  And did anyone else feel like they might have missed an issue when the last one ended with Broo jumping at that girl?  I was really expecting this one to start off dealing with Broos awakening.  Maybe I did miss and issue though.. or skip past some pages of the last one.